Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What have I done??

Occasionally 7-11 runs a promotion where for every $10 you spend, you get a sticker. You then collect those stickers to redeem for one of the toys that they're currently carrying. You may recall that a few years ago I became obsessed with the kewpie doll food products they had. I love collecting this stuff.

But the current toys are Hello Kitty. And I do not like Hello Kitty. At all.

Here's how the story starts: recently at work I overheard one of my new coworkers say that she was collecting the stickers to try to get all of the Hello Kitty toys. So I started giving her all of the stickers I collected. And I collect a lot of stickers (when you buy your wine at 7-11, they tend to pile up). She's a huge Hello Kitty fan and was completely baffled as to why I would do this, so to avoid hurting her feelings I told her that I collected too many of these toys and my husband told me I couldn't have any more. Big mistake.

And when she said, "I'm so glad I found someone else who loves Hello Kitty!" (like that's so difficult to find in Hong Kong) I just nodded and smiled. Bigger mistake.

Apparently to her this all translated as "OMG I luvvvvv Hello Kitty SO MUCH but my meanie husband won't let me have them :( :( ;( "

And then the horror began.

First, she brought me a Hello Kitty keychain.

Then a small figurine of Hello Kitty riding a unicorn (pictured above).

Then a Hello Kitty mechanical pencil.

And today? Today a framed drawing of Hello Kitty.

My desk at work looks like a developmentally disabled gay unicorn vomited all over it. How do I stop this madness??


  1. This story is implausible. Clearly, you love hello kitty but you feel embarrassed about it. So when people ask you why you have all these hello kitty items on your desk, you respond with this convoluted tale.

    It's ok to like hello kitty. Don't be ashamed.

  2. STOP. Stop looking into my soul...

  3. I used to have a developmentally disabled gay white shepard.. I put her down... Had to..