Monday, October 31, 2011

I take back everything I've ever said about Cantonese food.

Okay, not really. But holy wow - last night we had some amazing food.

We'd walked by the Hoi Tin Garden restaurant a few times and noticed a plaque on the facade proclaiming that The Wall Street Journal (that bastion of culinary discrimination) had called it one of the "Top 10 Restaurants in Asia." What? In Tuen Mun? So we had to give it a try.

It's located on a street full of shops selling seafood, so first you walk around and buy your victims.

" die."

You then carry the writhing, dripping bag into the restaurant, hand it to your waitress, sit back, drink a beer (okay, it was three beers. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME), and wait.

And then the food begins arriving. We started with a few non-seafood dishes. First, the best char siu pork I've ever had:

Roasted goose:

Then on to the seafood. Crab in curry:

Prawns with garlic:

Fish steamed in soy sauce:

Stop staring at me, fish! What did I ever do to you?? Oh... nevermind.

And razor clams with noodles:

I think there were some vegetables as well, but really - who cares?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


We went to King Ludwig's BeerHall in Yuen Long last night. Here's how the conversation with the waitress went:

Me: I'll have one liter of blahblahlager.

Her: One liter?


"One liter?"


"One liter? You?"


(I also had the pork knuckle, which the menu suggested was "for 2-3 people.")

And later I ordered another beer. That's right, waitress - I'm a gweilo and THAT'S WHAT WE DO.