Tuesday, August 17, 2010


From Berlin we took a train to Oslo to visit some friends. They were kind enough to show us around the city, where I ate both whale:

and horse & sheep heart sausage:

I am working my way through the vertebrates.

As for the invertebrates, I had jellyfish right before I left Hong Kong, I'm working on snails in Paris, and in Oslo I had this excellent crawfish pasta:

The highlight of the visit was the Vigeland Sculpture Park. There are no accompanying signs to go with the statues, so I've imposed what I think is the correct narrative on the collection:


Look out! Baby killer!

You can run, but not fast enough. Not fast enough.

I said not fast enough!

Little Anders was paralyzed by fear, and thus the first casualty.

Knut was strong and laughed in the face of death. But he didn't laugh long.

Wait - you forgot some!

The bodies piled up.

The lone survivor had hidden himself away in a tree.

Now he is cursed to toddle the earth alone with only himself for company, only the bodies of his comrades for sustenance, and never able to speak because the speech centers of his brain had not yet developed.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hong Kong is a steamy, sweaty nightmare in August, so we're taking a break by wandering around Europe visiting friends. We did absolutely no preparation, so when we started in Berlin our conversations went something like this:

Kelly: So, what do we do?
Me: I dunno. Isn't there some wall here?

So we mainly just wandered around, though we did spend some time drinking beer at the beach set up along the river. Me:

And Kelly after he broke a chair but before we ran away:

More stuff from around the city...

This made me giggle because I have the maturity level of an 8-year-old:


And this is by some graffiti artist whose work I love, but whose name I can't remember right now...

We didn't have much German food as Kelly's still in his vegetarian phase (it's been 16 effing years - when will the madness end?), but we did eat well -

Artichoke hearts stuffed with goat cheese and harissa:

Sudanese food - tofu, manioc, lentils, aubergine, peanut sauce:

Kenyan food - field peas, rice, plantains:

Tofu burger with curried mango puree:

And the city's specialty - currywurst. Not so good akshully.