Friday, January 20, 2012

That time of year

Kelly gets home tonight after five weeks out of town. I was planning on going to meet him at the airport, but I'm pretty sure I don't remember what he looks like anymore. So I'm just gonna assume that whoever shows up at my door around 9:30 is my husband. This could make for an awkward pizza delivery.

And Monday is the big day - Chinese New Year. Hope everyone's well stocked up on these:

The bane of gweilo existence. Who do I give them to again? How much for the doorman? Wait - do I even know this kid? Oh god I forgot to go to the bank and I only have crumpled bills whatdoIdo??

You have two choices:

1. Hand out lai see incorrectly; or
2. Stay indoors for the next five days.

There is no other option. Choose wisely.

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