Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I always buy the paper...

In the news this week:

Man, despondent over losing job, dresses as Green Lantern and threatens to jump off bridge. Is talked down.

Pollution levels are so high they cannot be measured by pollution index - 15 times acceptable level. City waits until 3 a.m. to issue warning, then tells people to stop smoking that day to disperse the pollution.

White woman mishears conversation at bar, stumbles home and composes an email to some friends alleging that two Chinese women attempted to abduct a white toddler at an amusement park. Email is eventually circulated all over Hong Kong. No such incident ever occurred, drunk white lady issues apology.

Man, assigned big project at work, goes bald in one week.

Boy, 15, stabs classmate's mother over 100 times because he is afraid she will report his theft of her son's phone. Says he stabbed her so many times because he did not want her to turn into a zombie, as he'd learned from video games.

And so much more...

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