Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meat and veg. And then more meat. Oh, and some drinks.

Tacos are good. In fact, they could be the perfect food - tasty, savory, portable - but good tacos are hard to come by in Hong Kong (go figure). So I was excited when I read about a relatively new establishment called "Mr. Taco Truck" located in Quarry Bay. Kelly and I headed down there on Friday night to check it out, and we found a tiny corner shop decorated to look like, well, a taco truck:

Here we see my grilled fish and carne asada tacos, and Kelly's veggie burrito.

We also had chips (fresh out of the fryer), salsa (red, green, and a smoky hot-as-hell version), refried beans and rice. This place was by far the best Mexican we've had here. Bonus: the owner is an Actual Mexican! (Or at least, there was some guy speaking Spanish when we were there). We shall definitely return.

Saturday I signed up for a vegan Korean cooking class out in Aberdeen. The class was on the 19th floor of a sketchy industrial building that housed random small businesses and had bare concrete floors and freight elevators. Just the thing to whet the appetite.

We made kimchi (some of which I have fermenting on my kitchen counter at this very moment, much to Kelly's dismay):

We also made scallion pancakes with an excellent dipping sauce:

And miso soup, which I didn't stay around to taste because I was late for....cocktails at the Intercontinental! This is the fancy-schmancy bar:

And our fancy-schmancy cocktails (they look like they're about to take off because they're on fancy-schmancy glowing coasters). Singapore Sling:

Blushing Dragon:


After a hard day of vegetables and alcohol, nothing hits the spot like a steak. We wandered through Tsim Tsa Tsui until we got to Jaspas, where I had the surf and turf, of course.

I tried not to eat the vegetables.

And here are the sorts of things you run across if you're wandering through TST on a Saturday evening:

And finally,

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