Saturday, November 28, 2009


Things I am thankful for:

1. My husband
2. Living in Hong Kong
3. Having a job
4. Beer
5. Beer

(Beer got put on the list twice because without it numbers one through three would've driven me batshit crazy by now.)

We went out last night for our Thanksgiving feast (a day late, but better late than never). The star of the meal was baby clams in butter and garlic. They're delivered to your table on a hot clay pot. When you lift up each of the cones, there are baby clams swimming in tons of garlic and butter, which you spread on toast and wolf.

We also had pumpkin curry in an elaborately carved roasted pumpkin:

chicken with chilies and cashews:

and grilled whole fish with lemongrass:

Later in the meal I ate one of the fish's eyeballs. I do not know why, nor do I know what the hard part was that I had to spit out. The cornea maybe?