Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freedom Ball!

Kelly and I spent this morning at Shatin Park, volunteering with a group called "Freedom Ball."

They stage interventions around the city's public spaces to protest the strict government control over activities permitted there. For example, please see the second rule here:

Today's activity involved inflating five hundred "freedom balls" and placing them around the park for people to play with. Unfortunately, Kelly and I could only stay for a few hours (but we managed to inflate several balls in that time!). It's amazing how many people, when confronted with a big inflated ball in their path (or even a bit out of their way) will proceed to kick it, pass it, roll it, and otherwise enjoy it - regardless of age. The balls ended up scattered all over the park:

Sorry we couldn't stay to see how it turned out, but when we left, a good time was being had by all.


  1. Hello you two Hongkongers~

    Nothing like playing with your balls in a public park! At least they are orange and not blue. Kellymama is in a more strange mood than normal. Have enjoyed all of the pix and comments. Can hardly wait to see some of the sights ( and taste the food, I think.) Had a Korean dinner (Bulgogi) tonight--to die for. Need to hear about the Aussie adventure. Love to both........

  2. Hola muchachos y ..ahh's ~

    I fixed your poor defenseless mother a Korean dinner tonight, Bulgogi with pork, and she survived. Tough ol' hide, and a pretty good sport. We should have taken a picture of the entree to place on our new Deep Throat blogspot, but the camera memory failed, along with our ability to diagnose the memory problem - might have had a vodka or two because it was raining, but am uncertain at this time. Best wishes from God's country. (NC) Yours, Jerry Falwell