Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinner and drinks

Last night I took the metro out to Tuen Mun to meet Kelly and some friends for dinner at the Thai BBQ place.

We had squid with chili:

tofu with fried Thai basil:

and som tum (green papaya salad):

We also drank so much Singha that we got several small gifts, which included the greatest pen ever. Not, "Don't drink and drive." Not, "If you drink, don't drive." But this:

Every time you even consider driving, Singha just wants you to drink instead. This is a company I can really get behind. I'm waiting for the "Drink, don't ever even think about doing anything else" pen, and then I'll buy stock.

After dinner we were wandering around Tuen Mun looking for the bus station, when we spotted this place and had to go in:

Inside were about six people, all of whom seemed to work there, chain smoking (even though it's illegal to smoke inside in Hong Kong) and playing dice. We had a bucket of beer and caramel corn and listened to some Michael Jackson on the jukebox, until I got tired of this thing on the wall staring over my shoulder and we had to get the hell out.

In other news, I had a job interview this morning and now have TWO part-time jobs, earning 12% of what Kelly does. According to my calculations, I only need 13 more jobs and then we'll be equal earners. I will start looking this week.

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