Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mid-levels carnival

This weekend there was some sort of carnival in our neighborhood. Local restaurants had wine and food pairings, so we did a tour. We started at Bourbon, where we had wine and mini pulled-pork sandwiches. I wolfed mine too fast to get a photo, so here's a picture of a harlequin instead:

It was then on to Fat Angelo's, for wine and antipasti:

Then Rick's for wine and olives:

And finally, Portobello for irish coffee and dessert:

I think we must have stopped at a few other places, because I actually didn't remember going to Portobello until I looked at the photos the next morning. Or afternoon. Whatever.

The carnival was partly sponsored by The Venetian in Macau. Here's a street scene including the "three tenors," who I'm pretty sure are drunk.

The other big hit was the Vitamin Water pop-up store, which opened a couple of weeks ago. Vitamin Water is new to the Hong Kong market, and apparently the huge variety of sugary drinks available locally just isn't cutting it - the line for this place was out the door.

I saved money and time by heading to the grocery store and buying some pineapple-flavored Tang. Mmmm.

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  1. your pictures are so good, you should do photography for a food magazine... you make me want to eat weird food, and that just does not happen!!!