Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rice and swine flu

Apparently our rice cooker is from the Hogwarts collection – it magically turns one grain of rice into several billion. Last night I used it for the first time, putting in what I thought was a reasonable amount of rice for two people, and now every tupperware, every bowl, and every coffee mug is filled with leftover rice and shoved in the fridge. These devices should be distributed to poverty-stricken areas and developing countries. Every FEMA trailer should come equipped with one. We'll airlift them into disaster zones...

So anyway, it was rice for dinner last night. I also had rice for breakfast with some stir fried cabbage:

I have a feeling that it'll be rice for lunch and dinner as well.

In other news, Hong Kong has reported its first case of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 flu. I will attempt to use this as an excuse to stay home and watch weird TV, but we'll see if Kelly goes for it.

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