Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our quest for housing

We spent all day Tuesday looking at various apartments in downtown Hong Kong. We're looking to live in an area called the Mid-Levels. Kelly says this is good for several reasons, but I wasn't listening so I don't know what they are. My primary reason for wanting to live there is that it's an area built up a mountain, and is accessed by the world's longest escalator. Sweet.

Today we signed a tentative agreement for a three-bedroom place on the 21st floor of this bright pink building. These photos do not do justice to the building's pinkness.

The landlady has a week to agree to our offer, which we hope she does, because it has awesome views of the city and of a very cool mosque, which is right next door. Here's the view from what would be Kelly's office:

After signing the tentative contract, we checked out the area and found a great cafe. Lunch:

Sandwich with brie & caramelized onions for me, pizza with pesto and fresh mozzarella for Kelly. All good. Here's hoping that our offer on the apartment gets accepted and this becomes one of our regular haunts.

Now we're home, exhausted, with beer and air conditioning to comfort us.

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