Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 3? 4?

Okay, I'm officially beatdown. We left Tuen Mun (the little town where we're staying and where the university is) a little bit after 8 this morning. We took the metro into Hong Kong (only had to transfer once), and commenced walking. And we walked. And walked. We went to a cafe and Kelly got a decent cup of coffee. Then we rode the world's longest escalator for what seemed like (and probably was) hours. It goes for a while, then there's a landing where you can get off, then it goes on. All along are shops and bars and restaurants, and if you want to go to one then you get off at the next landing and walk down to it. We had lunch at a vegetarian cafe that I'd read about, where I had was was one of the top ten sandwiches of my life. It was tofu on ciabatta with Thai peanut sauce, marinated carrots, and tons of veggies. It was magical. Then we walked some more. We walked over to the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, where we saw many plants, many animals. We saw a buff-cheeked gibbon, a chimpanzee, a few sloths and, in one cage, two of the fattest raccoons I've ever seen. You couldn't even see their feet as they waddled over to their food bowls. Everyone seemed very excited to see them and they were taking photos. We just went to get popsicles.

I don't think that I've EVER sweated so much in my life. It was just pouring off of us. It made me feel good, however, when I noticed that even the Hong Kong-ers were walking around mopping their brows and had sweat stains all over their shirts. This humidity is BRUTAL. Do you know what it's like to take off your bra and wring it into a bucket??? Okay, well I don't either. But it's a metaphor, dammit.

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