Saturday, January 9, 2010

The latest from Continental

Three days after my luggage is lost...

Newark: Your bags are on the flight to Hong Kong - they'll be waiting for you when you arrive.

Hong Kong: Your bags never left Newark - they'll be on the next flight.

Newark: Your bags aren't here. Ask Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: We're so sorry - your bags must be in Newark.

Newark: ....

Me: Are you telling me that no one knows where my bags are?

Holly from Newark: Yes. No! That's not what I'm saying! Wait...yes. No.. They're... we're looking for them.

Me: *gives up all hope of seeing bags again*


  1. Oh god oh god oh god. Do you have any clothes in HK at all? Do you need a jumper, a scarf?
    I have everything you need for a Norwegian winter's day, just in case you need to borrow. Oh no, this is terrible!

  2. We just got our luggage today. Delivered by a short sweaty man who ran in the door, yelled "TOILET?!" and disappeared into our bathroom for 10 minutes. But at least I have clean underwear now.