Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Peak

Saturday night we rode the tram to the top of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's highest mountain. The tram was built in 1888 and climbs at what seems like a 45-degree angle straight up the side of the mountain. On the tram:

Once at the top, you're greeted with breathtaking views of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor, and Kowloon:

And a guy in a shrimp suit outside the Bubba Gump restaurant. This is Hong Kong at its most awe-inspiring.

We wandered around, had a beer and some french fries (I voted for grilled squid but was vetoed), then rode the tram back down. In search of dinner, we passed a 7-11 where I saw Elvis looking at magazines. He was kind enough to strike a pose so I could snap a photo:

For dinner we ended up at a Mexican place called (I think) Cafe Iguana, where I had the best carne asada I've had outside of Mexico.

A friend had heard of a new bar in Soho called Bourbon that serves, well, bourbon, so we ventured over because Kelly's been in serious bourbon withdrawl. This place had exposed brick walls, posters of B.B. King, Muddy Waters blasting from the stereo, they served pulled pork sandwiches and steak, and would've felt totally authentic had it not been so clean. Bourbon and onion rings:

After a couple of beers we hiked home (it was after midnight so the escalator was turned off - this is always very sad). We were kind of drunk and got sucked into watching "Titanic" on HBO, but Kelly is very embarrassed about it so I told him I wouldn't tell anyone. I'm pretty sure he cried.

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