Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fire dragon!

Last night we went to Tai Hang in Causeway Bay to check out the Fire Dragon Dance. According to legend, sometime in the 1800s a huge python was found in Tai Hang. The villagers killed it, but the next morning its body was gone. Shortly thereafter, a mysterious plague began killing the men of the village. An old man had a dream in which he was told to make a large dragon stuffed with grass and covered with incense, so the villagers gave it a try and the plague ended. Or at least that's what I've pieced together from skimming various newspaper articles while watching the Asian Food Network on tv.

We were a bit late getting to the dance because we stopped for indian food. At an irish pub. We had heard rumors that the 350-pound Filipino owner often demonstrates his breakdancing ability by doing the worm across the bar floor, but saw no evidence of it.

By the time we got to Tai Hang, the streets were jammed, so we couldn't really see the dragon. We mainly just got pictures of other people taking pictures.

Kelly bought me an inflatable dragon head, so we took lots of pictures of that instead.

Next, it was on to the lantern carnival.

I particularly liked the bathrooms - I don't know if those pandas are supposed to be using the toilet, but I hope so.

Breakfast this morning: spam and egg bun!

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