Monday, December 19, 2011

More adventures in my (lack of) multilingualism

I'm going out of town for a week (48 hours of travel for four days with the family, but totally worth it just to get some Texas food) so I called to cancel my water delivery.

Me: "I'm going on holiday and I'd like to cancel the delivery."
Water rep: "How long you like to suspend your cervix?"

Well that sent some damn shivers down my spine. I think I'm in for some particularly terrifying nightmares tonight.

But I'm under no illusions that my attempts at speaking Canto don't create similar WTF moments. For example, the other day at the fruit market I was attempting to ask the vendor "Do you have four of these?" But I'm pretty sure I said, "Are you dead with this?" while pointing at a guava.

She looked nervous and nodded.

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