Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dry it, and they will come.

My new office is in Sheung Wan along "Dried Seafood Street".

Well, not always dried. I guess this is smoked fish (if exhaust fumes count as smoke).

So, of course, the neighborhood is inundated with cats. Here are a few of my favorites -

This is the fat guy who lives next door to my office. He has a smaller brother, but I think they don't get on well because fatty is really self-conscious about his weight.

This morning he was frantically rubbing his head on some cardboard boxes to get a rub, so I stopped to pet him. But not before snapping a photo.

Here he is, very conscious of the dramatic lighting and striking a pose.

Cats kicking back on bales of dried... um... somethings.

Looking wistfully at some dried fish.

And a proud owner.

I love it here.


  1. That seems sanitary. Cat flavored dried something. Yum! But the kitties are really cute.

  2. I was more concerned about the fish hanging on the traffic blockades right by the road.