Thursday, November 4, 2010


The past week has been slightly more insane than usual because Norwegian public television is in town to make a documentary about Cecilie. This entails much drinking, filming, drinking, and drinking, and an epic (and comicotragic) trip to the mainland.

So here are the guys - the excellent NRK crew:

We were in the mainland, in the process of demolishing another great Sichuan meal. Why can't you get food like this in Hong Kong? Every other cuisine in the world is available - Nepalese, Mexican, Italian, Cajun... there's a New York deli and a sushi bar... a west African place and a Pizza Hut... Starbucks and McDonald's and Burger King and Popeye's... and yet, NO good Sichuan food. Why? Luckily Shenzhen is just 45 short minutes away, and on the other side of that crowded and increasingly security-conscious and incredibly irritating border control is a Sichuan wonderland.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about our two-day trip to Yunfu, approximately 16 hours of which were spent in a tiny van with a perpetually lost driver and one cassette tape of the same six songs.

Cecilie and our driver, Ah-Hong:

Ah-Hong has lovely eyes, enjoys long drives and U-turns, and is looking for someone with a map.

And this is what being squished in a miniature van with four giant Norwegian guys and dawning hysteria is like:

The few hours we spent outside of the car, however, made the trip worth it. Beautiful scenery:

charming villages:

typical signs:

suspicious children:

and an abandoned cement factory where we got tossed out by the security guard, but not before I managed to step in TWO mud puddle/quicksand/unknown animal poop piles.

I threw those shoes away.

And bonus photo - Cecilie and I on set of the newest Happy Jellyfish film:

(I'm the one without the mustache.)

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