Monday, November 1, 2010

The big move

I haven't posted for a while because we moved from the Mid-Levels to Tuen Mun, and we just got internet hooked up again. Tuen Mun is very, very different. Very few gweilos live out here, and pretty much nobody speaks English, so our Canto will have to improve (of course, that's not helped by people giggling hysterically whenever I try to speak it). But Tuen Mun is quiet and peaceful, and we've got a killer view from our flat. Some photos of our new neighborhood:

Lying on the sofa, watching the boats, not wearing pants:

View from our living room - the pool and the Tuen Mun promenade:

Watching the sun rise:

On the promenade outside our flat:

Dr. Seussian park nearby:

A playground for elderly people to stretch their tai chi muscles:

Reflexology stones - you walk slowly along the stones and they hit pressure points in your feet. I did not notice any benefits of doing this, but my feet hurt like hell the next morning.

So, here's how you move in Hong Kong: the movers show up around 9 a.m., and you leave. You leave your clothes in the closet, your food in the fridge, your pictures on the wall - everything. You go have a leisurely brunch (I had samosas and a salad, thanks) then you go to your new place. The movers show up and unpack everything - they put your food in the fridge, your clothes in the closet, your half-used bar of soap in your new shower... the nice man even picked a panty drawer for me and carefully FOLDED all of my underwear and stashed them away. The whole process took only three hours. This sure as hell beats recruiting all of your friends with promises of beer and pizza, calling that one guy you really don't like to hang out with but hey he's got a pickup truck so maybe you can stand him for one day, struggling with oddly-sized boxes you picked up from the liquor store... So after only three hours and absolutely no effort on your part, you're completely moved to your new place and it looks as if you've lived there forever. God, I love Hong Kong.

My favorite part of the new flat is this lighted cabinet by the door. It's currently displaying my extensive collection of 7-11 toys:

And now, a bonus picture! Sometimes when you're shopping for flowers, you come across a bag of skin.

Yes. A bag of skin.

A bag. Of skin.

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