Monday, May 3, 2010

Loving Hut

Kelly and I were wandering through Wan Chai around lunchtime today (and sweating profusely, because we're starting that climb towards the impossible-to-describe heat and humidity of a Hong Kong summer, which is never relieved when you finally find somewhere to eat, stumble to the table begging for water, and are served the ubiquitous HOT water that Hong Kongers seem to love. But that's not important right now.) so we decided to try Loving Hut - a vegan/vegetarian place we'd read about somewhere.

I had fried flat noodles with char sui "pork", steamed cabbage with sesame oil, and winter melon tea:

Kelly's meal looks disgusting, but it was excellent! It tasted just like the salisbury steak you used to get in the school cafeteria (which, yes, is sort of disgusting, but dammit I miss school cafeteria food!). Actually, it was probably pretty close to the school cafeteria recipe, because I'm almost positive that wasn't meat we were being served back in 5th grade.

Anyway, he had New York style cutlet with gravy, red yeast rice, and baby bok choy:

Not pictured is his black sesame soy milk, which was...not so good.

So overall, I'd go back to Loving Hut. But not the next time we're in Wan Chai - that's reserved for this place - "Giant Foot Restaurant":

A cold beer goes to whoever can offer a reasonable explanation as to how this place got its name. I can't think of any.

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