Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach BBQ

Saturday dawned hot and humid - the perfect day to sit over an open fire roasting meat - so we headed out to Stanley for a barbeque at St. Francis Beach. We roasted pork, chicken, beef, tiny disgusting fish, hot dogs, fish balls, chicken wings, etc. etc. etc. I thought I took photos throughout the afternoon, but there's about a six-hour gap where I'm not entirely sure what happened.

Let's go on a journey throughout the day. Here we are setting up and starting to grill:

***many hours pass***

Arm wrestling! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Singing! Yessssss! OMG - I love this song that I just heard for the first time three minutes ago!!!!!!1

Somehow we got home and are still alive. And that's how you do a Hong Kong BBQ.

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