Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A brief visit to Macau

On Sunday we headed over to Macau for a day or so. We did some perfunctory sightseeing:

Ate a bag of cookies:

And some Portuguese food - African chicken:

Fish in lemon:

Portuguese sausage:

Then caught a cab over to the Venetian for some gambling.

Now here's the odd thing about gambling here - it's not linked with drinking. In the States, of course, drinking and gambling go hand-in-hand. Drinks on the gaming floor, bars everywhere, etc. But here? People drink tea. TEA. And it's next to impossible to locate a bar in a casino. Once we finally found a bar and settled in a for a quiet vodka gimlet before hitting the slots, this started up right next to our table:

After a couple of rounds I sat down at the slot machines, where I immediately quadrupled my money and then almost as immediately lost it. This necessitated more drinks.

We left the casino fairly late and we couldn't find anywhere to eat downtown until we stumbled upon "The B+ Diner." Really more of a B-minus, but at that time of night it was perfect. Korean fried egg sandwich:

We checked into our hotel - Pousada de Mong Ha - excellent place:

I wanted to take photos of the cute tiled courtyards, gardens, and waterlily pool, but there was a crazy thunderstorm the next day. The rainy ferry ride home:

And a random bonus photo from a painting in a religious museum - flying baby heads!

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