Saturday, February 20, 2010

Odd China

Some highlights from the recent trip to the mainland:

This cat looks highly perturbed that I took its photo. Sorry cat.

At least he's better off than the rabbit. Fatal Attraction chow mein, anyone?

And as long as we're discussing animals, here's an emu in a cage. Because why not?

We spent another night in a karaoke bar with some fine young men. This is the second karaoke room we visited, because in the first one the guys were too busy snorting drugs off the table (through a pink bendy straw) and whispering in corners to actually sing. Kristian and I did a rousing rendition of "Lucky" by Britney Spears. It was my finest moment.

A large rectangle of feathers on the sidewalk. Why? I don't know.

Pages from a magazine in my hotel room. An article on New York:

And the Alps:

And perfume:

One of the small towns we went to was an industrial center where you can buy pretty much anything you can imagine in bulk. Like mannequins:

And vacuum cleaners. Together at last.

Very tasty fried noodles. With tentacles.

And finally, a statue called "The Three Stages of Chinese Woman."

She's come a long way - she could now pass for any hoochie in the world with tight jeans, breast implants, and a Nokia.

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