Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year

For Chinese New Year I spent five days bussing around Guangdong province with Cecilie and new buddy Kristian. It was, of course, a magnificent trip.

(All the red stuff on the ground is firecracker detritus.)

As we were traveling through small non-touristy towns, we were the center of attention wherever we went - people stared and laughed and LOVED it when we spoke Cantonese. Here are just a few of the people who stopped to look and giggle and shower us with attention:

We stumbled upon this thing dancing outside a hotel at 8am on a Sunday morning. The hotel manager "fed" it, then it spewed coins at the crowd. (And for future reference, if you ever come across one of these liondragons they eat celery and spring onions.)

This kid beat me so many times at cards that it should've been embarrassing for us both. But it was really just embarrassing for me.

And finally, the star of the trip - fried taro cakes. We had these at breakfast every morning. They are a beautiful thing.

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