Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mainland weekend: Day three

Our final morning on the mainland was slightly more enjoyable than the previous one because we weren't (as) hungover. We got up early to wander around Si Hui and check out some of the old architecture:

We also wandered through some markets, which was pleasant:

Until we got to the animal market. Here are some caged dogs waiting for slaughter with the carcass of one burning in front:

New discovery - being a trained anthropologist doesn't mean you can hear a dog slaughtered and not cry.

But onwards and upwards - to more dim sum, and then the bus back to Shenzhen. Once we arrived back in the big city we went shopping for DVDs (Avatar on the shelves, already) and then went for foot massages! Here's how it works: you're led into a big room filled with rows of plush recliners. You sit back, someone brings you tea and watermelon slices, and then the rubbing commences:

Although it was extremely painful at times, and although I had blue bruises on my feet the next day, it was one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

And finally, the climax of the trip... a Sichuan feast! Spicy green beans:

Sichuan fries with chilies and garlic:


More of the fabulous cucumber/cilantro/garlic/chili salad:

And chicken with peanuts and chilies and some sort of beans:

I sweated through the entire meal. This is a great thing.

Then it was the train home where we were finally able to put down the leaden box of mandarins and collapse into bed. A successful trip all around.

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