Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Mona Lisa and puppies

Dafen Oil Painting Village is in a suburb of Shenzhen, and it's where pretty much every "artwork" you've ever seen in a hotel comes from.  Founded in the early 90s, it's populated by artists who make their living churning out paintings - replicas of classics and a few original works.  A lot of them are trained at art academies and are highly-skilled, and it's the place to go for all of your high midbrow needs.


Artists work in studios the size of closets -

Or on the street -

Works display various skill levels.

Steve Jobs taking his rightful place in the Chinese canon -

Bring a photo and have portraits done!

Some of the gallery owners are quite young -

Pick a pop culture icon - ANY pop culture icon! 

The art form has evolved - this place leveled up and was selling paintings with built-in aquariums.

And miscellaneous other photos from the village -

And finally, a naked Bruce Lee about to have his way with... something.

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