Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just another day in the village

I've previously posted about our favorite village cat, Hoggie.

A few days ago I noticed that Hoggie had a nasty gash behind her front leg.  It looked infected and swollen and generally awful, so I sought the advice of Crazy Cat Guy.

Crazy Cat Guy lives a few houses over in our village and can often be seen feeding cats, talking to cats, carrying a wailing box of cat to who-knows-where with a pack of cats on his heels, so I figured he'd know what to do.

He gave me some ointment to put on the wound but it didn't seem to get better so I borrowed a cat carrier and headed to the vet this morning with a howling Hoggie in tow.

Limping the eight blocks to the vet, sweating and swearing profusely in the rain, with a screaming cat and a foot brace that decides to break halfway through the journey and is now flapping around, I get lots of looks.  Most full of pity.  Some amused.  All punchable.

I arrive and they recognize Hoggie because Crazy Cat Guy has brought her in before.  It turns out her "real name" is Astoria.  Oh, that's nice.
Hoggie/Astoria FREAKING OUT and waiting to be seen by the vet.

The vet calls me in and opens Hoggie's carrier to examine the cut and Hoggie emerges like a cat out of hell.  She jumps from the table screaming bloody murder, then up the wall - taking down the cordless phone and the miniblinds - then circles the room bellowing until presented with her carrier.  She bolts in, leaving a trail of destruction and a terrified vet in her wake, and cowers in the corner.  Okay.

The vet tells me that Hoggie will need to be sedated to get stitches because she's "wild".  I try to explain that she's really very sweet, but the vet is hearing nothing of it.

After filling out endless forms stating that I'm financially responsible, that I understand the risks of sedation, etc., a vet tech comes to take Hoggie away, and recognizes her -  

Vet tech:  Oh!  Astoria is sweet kitty!  Love!

Vet:  *confused look*

I'm supposed to go pick her up in a few hours but she'll need to wear the cone of shame for at least a week.  How do I manage this?

UPDATE:  Hoggie is still at the vet, as the wound was deeper than initially thought.  She'll be home in a few days and due to cooperative effort between Crazy Cat Guy, Nicey Girl (another neighbor), and me, she will be taken care of.  Village power activate!

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