Monday, February 18, 2013

Yellow fever

If you've somehow managed to miss it, here is a link to an English translation of a widely-read blog post from a Chinese message board regarding why Chinese women shouldn't be "duped" by laowai (white men).  

Choice quotes:

- "Laowai in China are all misers."  (Regarding how white men want to sleep with women without buying them things)

- "When it comes to laowai in China, after they marry you, there is a 95% probability that they will have extramarital affairs."  (Comparing them to Chinese men, who will take a mistress but not divorce you for her)

- "You must be able to satisfy their various sexual peculiarities." (Apparently this includes oral sex and woman on top)

- "In China, only homosexuals pay attention to things like women's clothing brands." (White men want you to dress in designer clothes, while [straight] Chinese men don't care)

This is part three of three, but my favorite thus far.  It's all worth a read.

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