Sunday, February 19, 2012


We spent our last full day in Perth bumming around Rottnest Island, where we went swimming at the beach where someone got eaten by a shark a few months ago. But look at that water - we couldn't resist!

Rottnest was originally called Rat Nest Island because it's inhabited by a small marsupial called a quokka. Quokkas look a great deal like rats and would be fairly disgusting if they didn't hop. The hopping is the redeeming feature that takes them from gross giant rat! to aaagghhh cute hopping thing! Here's a really uneventful video of me feeding a quokka a piece of banana, and then getting way too excited about petting it:

It takes very little to thrill me.

Headed to the airport now to have a breakfast beer and spend all of my change on koala jerky.

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