Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Enchantingly off-beat" - like pig blood!

The first thing I do before I head to any new city is to check out what I'm going to be eating and drinking there. I'm headed to Perth on Tuesday and have my eye on a local brewery, some small markets, and a Western Australian cheese maker. Nom.

In case you missed it, here's the review of my blog from Hong Kong Blog Review. It's...mixed.

But they raise an important question - where does the name "With Pork Throat" come from? When I found out we were moving to Hong Kong I began extensive research into food. Roast duck, char siu bao, dim sum, stinky tofu... I wanted to try it all. But one item that caught my eye was a common breakfast food, congee. Like a rice porridge, it comes topped with any of a variety of items - spam, duck tongue, pig's blood, etc. Or you can get it with pork throat.

It stuck in my head, and so there it is. And yes, I've had congee and pork throat (but not together) and they are both fabulous. Sadly, I have also had congee and pig's blood. It's...mixed.

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