Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Chinese cats

First, Seng Nin - otherwise known as "Fat Pharmacy Cat". He lives at the pharmacy next door:

I've gone to visit him so many times that now, when I walk into the pharmacy to pick up a medication, they immediately say "Seng Nin?!" and run to the back to get him if he's sleeping.

And more cats around Hong Kong and the mainland....

A mother with kittens along the Tuen Mun promenade:

Cat and his chicken friends in Guangdong province:

A market kitty in the mainland somewhere:

For God's sake kitten, wipe your nose. Have some dignity:

This cat much fatter than he looks. He lives in Lo Uk Tsuen. Why is this text underlined? I don't know.

And this little buddy is my favorite. He lives at the Tung Chung ferry pier. Here he is getting in trouble with one of the pier workers for bothering fishermen. The worker was trying to keep him from running onto the pier:

After he evaded the guy and ran like hell onto the pier, he got in trouble so he got put on a leash and tied to a chair in an office:

Look at that face!

I kept sneaking in and petting him, so the guy brought him out and tied his leash to one of the seats in the ferry waiting area instead.

I love him.