Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brunch cures everything

After a late night in Lan Kwai Fong we needed, well, help. So we bussed it to Causeway Bay for brunch at TOTT's. And yes - it was the cure for what ailed us. (The endless refills of champagne didn't hurt. At all.)

Plate one - salmon with champagne cream and fennel; kobe beef slider; salad; rice paper roll; crab legs; prawn; roasted red snapper:

Plate two - pasta salad with asparagus; lamb; rice paper roll; salad; oyster with mignonette; seared foie gras; stilton:

Plate three - crab legs; beef with horseradish cream; chicken with ratatouille; cambozola; braised beef cheeks in port wine; crayfish; oyster:

Plate four (things were starting to get a little fuzzy at this point) - brie, goat cheese, and stilton; creme caramel; berry tart; coffee tart; a strip of bacon; salmon:

Plate five - chocolate mousse; caramel cheesecake; chocolate pecan pie; raspberry mousse; chocolate covered pineapple:

And yet more food...


Crab legs, oysters, prawns, caviar, clams, crayfish:

Sushi and sashimi:


Various cheeses and meats:

And the most beautiful thing I've ever seen - a contraption that holds a huge hunk of cheese under a heat source where it melts and is then scraped onto a piece of bread for you:

I wept.

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