Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shenzhen again again

It'd been over a month since I'd stepped through the looking glass into the mainland, so Saturday morning I kissed Kelly goodbye, grabbed my toothbrush and a change of underwear, and hopped on a train to Shenzhen.

After checking into the Shenzhen Railway Station Hotel, which conforms to the great Chinese tradition of having a window into the bathroom (WTF?)

we went for Sichuan food...

...and tried to get the attention of the cute construction workers outside the window.

They wouldn't quit work and come play cho die di with us (their loss) so we cleared out and went for foot massages. This place is especially exciting because you get to see photos of all of the potential masseurs on a computer touchscreen and choose the one you want. We chose the two cutest guys and settled in for some pain. Now here's the thing - when you get a foot massage it covers your feet and calves, but there's usually something "extra" thrown in - sometimes they rub your neck, sometimes they pull your arms until your torso twists 220 degrees and you think your back will break... but this time, it was the butt punch. My guy pushed my leg up until my knee was touching my nose, then just started punching me in the butt. Hard. A lot. After I stopped giggling, I realized, "damn, this feels pretty good....", but by then it was over. Sadly.

And then it was time for the True Colours Club. And the other True Colours club, across town. And I'm not entirely sure what happened, but here's my video footage. Please admire my drunken camera work:

A few hours of sleep and back up the next day for yam cha:

then the train home. Like nothing ever happened...

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