Monday, September 20, 2010

Buffalo and beer. And more beer.

Saturday was hot and humid, as usual, so the only thing to do was head out to Lantau Island for an evening on Ah-Sin's rooftop garden. Because if you're not going to be in the air conditioning, you might as well be sweating profusely in lovely surroundings. So we bought some beer, got the ferry to Mui Wo, and were walking the beach by six p.m.

Waiting for the ferry, wilting in the heat:

Pui O beach:

After a walk on the beach it was back to the roof for beer and cards and more beer. And dancing. And minor skirmishes over music selection. And then some beer. View from the roof:

And the only photo from the evening that's suitable for general consumption, me shuffling cards:

The next morning (after a brief GarageBand tutorial) it was off to yam cha and then to Wan Chai for a disappointingly-attended pro-Canto rally.

And now I'm back in the air con. Thank god.


Bonus photo:

Cute puppies cure hangovers.

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