Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mainland hotels

On my last trip to the mainland I stayed in the Kai Ping Hotel in, well, Kaiping. This place is a prime example of why I love staying in the mainland. Here's my room:

Bathroom (this photo doesn't show the flat screen TV mounted over the huge bathtub):

Living room (also with flat screen TV):

And bedroom (with...flat screen TV!):

All of this was about $40 USD per night.

Also included with most hotel rooms are an array of sexual aids, like "Miss Sex oil":

which promises to "enhance woman sexualty" and "dispell peculiar odours." I didn't try it out.

And if you're really lucky, your hotel room will come with some Chinese fashion magazines. It looks like the guys at Jeep are still really into the double popped collar:

Aaaand apparently the new trend for this season is silver belts and mom jeans. On men with hair helmets:

And the perks just keep on comin'. Tomatoes fashioned into bunnies at breakfast:

And clean public "Tolies":

Additionally (and this is the strangest thing), the beds were soft - not the typical rock-hard beds you get in the mainland (although the guest services book did offer something called a "bed board" if you found them too soft.) I was fine.

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