Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons learned?

Kelly is handsome, brilliant, hilarious, easy-going, but sometimes he doesn't, well, learn.

For example, he likes to spend hours at the cafe next door working on philosophy. Hours. A few days ago I walked by on the way to the market and thought I would pop in to say hello. I saw his computer sitting unattended on a table, but no Kelly. I assumed he was in the bathroom, so I waited. Five minutes passed, ten minutes... I got tired of waiting so I typed out a long note on his screen telling him that it's dangerous to leave his computer unattended. He thought I was being silly.

And yesterday, while he was in the bathroom at the coffee shop, his computer was stolen. He was actually surprised by this.

So, $1,200 and a new MacBook Pro later, he's getting ready to go work at the coffee shop.

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