Thursday, April 15, 2010

Could this be the next Farmville?

During the Qingming Festival, families gather at their ancestors' graves to pay their respects by lighting incense, holding memorials, and burning paper goods in order to deliver them to their dearly departed in the afterworld (Paper money? That might come in handy. Paper clothes? Of course! Paper Big Mac? Okay. Paper Viagra? Just what the hell is going on on the other side?).

But if you're out of town there's no need to worry - you can now perform all of these activities online at a virtual grave located in a virtual cemetery. Services offered are virtual offerings of flowers, candles, incense and fruit. No word yet on whether you can plant and harvest crops, become a mafia don, or raise adorable tropical fish.

And do you really want to get to the next level? (Well, maybe if they have Big Macs and Viagra...)

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