Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tram party

The earlier part of the day was spent suffering from food poisoning (Again. And no, I will never learn). But the evening was an improvement. One of the various modes of Hong Kong transportation is the tram. These can be rented for private parties, so tonight we spent a couple of hours on a tram tooling around the city. We had lots of beer, lots of food, and lots of friends. Some views of and from the top deck of the tram:

Afterwards, we ended up at a basement nightclub to see some local bands. A good one:

And a bad one:

Even if the music's okay (which it wasn't), the amount of hair gel caked on the singer makes it totally unacceptable.

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  1. Oh, I so wanted to be on that tram party! I love tram parties. Please host another one post haste. Instead I went to Guangzhou to the Norwegian Consul General something party where my friend from Japan inevitably were bogged down with the party bore. If you had told him the cab driver story he would have said: Oh yes, taxis. They have four wheels. The wheels go round and round, thus propelling the vehicle forward ...