Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home again

After 32 hours of travel, I'm finally back in Texas. It was a great trip and the time just flew by. I'd especially like to thank the two women who sat on either side of me (score! I had the coveted middle seat!) on the 16-hour flight from Hong Kong to New York for sleeping peacefully throughout the flight, thereby preventing me from getting up to urinate or stretch my legs for long periods of time. Oh, and I can't forget the drunk Rastafarian who sat next to me on the flight from NY to Texas - thanks for immediately passing out on my shoulder, then engaging in a five-hour-long flatulence session that had my eyes watering all the way to Texas. Sorry mom and dad, those weren't tears of joy upon seeing you again. I could barely see anything at that point.

So even with only three hours of sleep in the past two days, it's been an enjoyable morning back in the bosom of the family. Cleaned the chicken coop, collected the eggs, went to the feed store, and had a greasefest of a lunch (jalapeno burger and tater tots) with dad while we discussed whether Baudrillard's notion of the hyperreal is more relevant to McDonalds or reality TV and he filled me in on the progression of his plans to construct a catapult large enough to launch a grand piano over the river that runs through downtown. Good to be home again.


  1. Yeah, yeah, but get your arse back here, would you? We have things to do in Yau Ma Tei, and I know how to say "Texas" in Cantonese now. And I need to learn how to play banjo.

  2. Hmm...I'll see if I can persuade Kelly to bring his banjo back to HK. How do you say "dueling banjos" in Cantonese?