Monday, September 24, 2012

A visit to the Taiyuan Walmart

During my trip to Taiyuan one of my lifelong dreams came true - I paid a visit to a Chinese Walmart.  And it was a wonderland.

It looked much the same, but the products were slightly different.  For example, the tanks of frogs and turtles in the meat section:

Or the pile of cooked... crayfish?... in the deli section:

Actually, the deli section was beautiful.  Here's an area where you pick some noodles and sauce:

And your toppings:

And then grab some bread to go with it, and you're golden:

Monks shopping for new dinnerware:

Chinese flags hanging over all of the displays of Japanese electronics (in reference to the recent Diaoyu Islands dispute with Japan):

And some of the glorious snacks I came away with - Oreos, in grape/peach, orange/mango, and birthday cake flavors:

Potato chips in "Numb and Spicy Hot Pot" flavor:

Or cucumber flavor:

And my favorite - a Pabst Blue Ribbon "World War Two Edition in Memory of US Army":

Yes we can!

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