Thursday, March 8, 2012


Earlier this week Kelly and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary - we've been in Hong Kong for all three of them. We're lucky - moving to a new country, a different culture, new jobs, incomparable heat and humidity - gave us a common set of challenges to deal with and brought us even closer together. Of course, there have been many times when, soaked with sweat and trying to walk in 3-inch heels while lost in Mong Kok, I've gotten a bit snarky, but overall things have been great and I wouldn't change a thing. Marrying him was the best decision I ever made.*

And as I love Kelly, I love Hong Kong. Even with the quirks, the challenges, and the absurd. Oh! - speaking of the absurd, check out this advertisement for Hong Kong's latest attraction:

Rub fiberglass antelope faces! Touch LED screens with a look of wonder! Let your baby shove some scrambled egg in your face! Learn history from an animatronic meerkat! I made that last one up. Fine. But even overlooking the absurdity of this "attraction", this is a really bad advertisement. Luckily it's impossible to overlook the absurdity, so I guess the ad agency will escape criticism.

*Except maybe for that time in Guadalajara when everybody else had the carne asada but I decided to have the ceviche and the next day everybody was laid out with food poisoning and I was like "suck it losers!" and went to tour the tequila factory.


  1. This made me want to kill myself. That can't have been in the brief for the advertising company.

    It would be 45% better without the shithouse voiceover. Though I'm pretty sure it would still induce suicidal tendencies even on mute.

  2. lol does that boat move too while people are staying in there? you know, i kind of want to go. just to go. this is funny they even came up with this. what the hell?