Monday, March 14, 2011

A romantic cruise in Shenzhen (Part II: OMG TACOS!)

The primary reason we traveled to this area of Shenzhen was that the last time we'd been there we saw that holy grail of all displaced Americans - a Tex-Mex restaurant. After almost two taco-less years in Hong Kong (soft tacos DO NOT COUNT), we were desperate. So in we walked to:

We started with chips and four kinds of salsa: red, tomatillo, black bean, and pico de gallo, and all were excellent. Tasted straight out of Texas. I have no idea where they get the tomatillos, but that was some damn fine salsa.

Kelly had one of the only vegetarian options - the Mexican crepe. Basically crepes filled with cheese and peppers. He said it was good, but didn't look terribly excited.

But here's what I'd been waiting for - TACOS. Four beautiful, crunchy, heavenly tacos.

One of the happiest moments of my life.

But we didn't only have Tex-Mex (although that would've been fine by me). We also had Indian:

Uh... "European":

And possibly the worst thing I've ever had in my life - Dunkin' Donut's "NEW Salty Munchikins!"

After we ate one the guy behind the counter saw the looks on our faces and just started laughing - "Hahaha! Terrible! Terrible! Hahahahaha!"

And they truly were.

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